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Craven (2012)

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Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, diplomat and a founding father of the United States of America, as well as a printer. He printed some of the earliest paper currency for the same country that later used his portrait on the hundred dollar bill. Franklin was one of the first firefighters, establishing the first fire department in the United states. He established and was a member of a large variety of clubs. He established the prestigious club, The Philosophical Society. Franklin was a very active member of the Freemasons and never missed a meeting; later being named a Grand Master of the Masonic club that to this day does not allow women to attend meetings. He formed the secret revolutionary society in Philadelphia called The Leather Apron Club. He was a member of The Lunatic Society of Birmingham, England. He was a swinger and womanizer, attending sex parties in The Hellfire Club of London, England. He owned a house on Craven Street in London where he lived for 17 years. In 1998 the bodies of 10 people were dug up in the basement of that house. The majority of those bodies were of children. After forensic tests were performed it was found that the bodies had been buried in that basement during the time period in which Franklin had owned the house on Craven Street in England.

Wes Craven is an American filmmaker that received his start as a womanizer, directing many X-rated Pornographic movies. Craven’s first mainstream success, besides his involvement in the movie Deep Throat, came in the form of his movie Nightmare on Elm Street. A movie about a mass murderer, played by Robert Englund, who killed children in the basement of his home, and was set on fire in that same basement by neighborhood parents. This fire-scared murderer returns as a super villain to torment and murder the next generation. Later in the movie, Englund’s Character is once again set on fire in a basement. No fire trucks show up to respond to either basement fire. Wes Craven and Robert Englund completed this movie years before the bodies of those children were discovered in the basement of Franklins house on Craven Street in England.

Most people do not know about this history of the Craven Street house in England. More people are aware of the appearance that Benjamin Franklin made on an episode of the 1960’s television show Bewitched. In a 1966 episode, a lamp malfunctioned in Samantha’s house, which could potentially be a fire hazard. Aunt Clara thought it would be a good idea to summon Ben Franklin from the past to repair the lamp. Franklin was of no help at all and had absolutely no idea how to repair a simple lamp. Aunt Clara didn’t really understand that tying a key to a kite and flying it in a lightning storm has nothing at all to do with reconnecting a loose wire to the empty terminal and re-tightening the screw. Franklin ended up escaping the watchful eyes of Samantha in this episode, stealing a fire truck and crashing it at the end of the street.

The actress that played Samantha on Bewitched was later the Narrator of a five-part miniseries titled, “Craven Street. Ben Franklin in London.”
     Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered was a song recorded by Van Craven from a Rita Hayworth scene in the movie Pal Joey. The movie took place in Chicago, Illinois and was about Rita Hayworth’s character being seduced by a womanizer who was trying to establish his own club. Outside of the Movies, Rita Hayworth was married briefly to Prince Ali Salmon Aga Khan, the potential future leader of the Ismali sect of Shia Islam. The couple had 600 bottles of champagne at their wedding where guests mingled around a swimming pool scented with 200 gallons of fine cologne. Hayworth came to believe that the Prince was a womanizer after discovering his relationships with younger women in the same club where the couple originally met.

Rita Hayworth was also married for a time to Orson Welles who played Benjamin Franklin in the movie Lafayette. Orson later said that he wished that he had never married Rita as she got in the way of his free and open lifestyle with other woman. Orson Welles wrote, directed, produced and starred in what critics call the greatest Film of all time, Citizen Kane. In the movie, Kane lived in a palatial estate suitable for a prince and Kane referred to this home as Xanadu. Xanadu was also the name of an Olivia Newton John Movie featuring Gene Kelly. Gene Kelly was also in the original cast of the Chicago story, Pal Joey, that the song Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered was written for. In Xanadu, Olivia Newton John is the daughter of the Greek God Zeus and she causes a man to fall in love with her and convinces him to open his own club. In Citizen Kane, Kane’s wife is an alcoholic who owns her own club and refuses to tell anyone who Rosebud is. Rosebud was set on fire in the basement of Xanadu. In the television series Bewitched, a show that had more references to clubs and alcohol in its run than it had actual episodes, Samantha’s mother was played by the actress, Agnes Moorehead. Agnes Moorehead made her film debut in the Movie Citizen Kane, where she played Kane’s Mother as well.

     Before Citizen Kane, which was Orson Welles first completed movie, he worked for a long time on the film adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness”, about a man from England hired to captain a riverboat in the African Congo. The riverboat was on it’s way to meet a womanizer named Kurtz who is described in the story as having a face of craven Terror and who had convinced the Native Africans to treat him like a god. Orson Welles never finished that movie, but it was later re-made in 1979, unlike Joseph Conrad had ever intended, as a Surfing Movie set in the Vietnam War called Apocalypse Now.
In 1856, another Joseph Conrad was married to Nancy Ann Conrad in West Virginia. Nancy gave birth to Joseph’s First son that same year, Benjamin Franklin Conrad. Joseph and Nancy Ann Conrad were Happily Married with eight children almost 60 years before Nancy’s death. Within a year of Joseph and Nancy’s marriage and the Birth of their son, Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Conrad, the author of The Heart of Darkness, was born in the Ukraine. Around the Same time that Joseph Conrad’s wife died in West Virginia, the Ukrainian Joseph Conrad Wrote the Novella, The Heart Of Darkness.

The West Virginian Joseph Conrad Died around the same time of the Ukrainian Joseph Conrad, which was also during the time of the birth of Rita Hayworth, Prince alga Khan, Orson Welles, Gene Kelly and the bicentennial of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin Conrad had a happy and scandal-free life.