Joshua Parker

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black, inflated, trash bags

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Breathe (detail of installation at the davey drill complex december 2007)

plastic trash bags in three stages of inflation, video, sound, and air

150, 55 gallon black trash bags inflated with air, 50 at a time every 24 hours for three days filling half of a room, and allowed to deflate at the will of the bag.

a life size video of the artists mouth and nose while holding his breathe. He holds his breath as long as possible until a suffocation induced twitching, turns into a life grasping series of breaths. This loops and occupies the second half of the room, hanging on the opposite wall and facing the slowly exhaling bags.

The room is silent and dark except for the light of the video corresponding every ninety seconds to the explosion of the artists breath which is amplified at high volume from under the void of inflated trash bags, Gradually intimidating the the bags into exhaling themselves.