Joshua Parker

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champion, sculpture, joshua parker

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Manipulated and found objects, beer, bong water, and french-fry grease

I am continually surprised at how even the greatest figures in history have frailties, weaknesses or secrets that would shock the population. These frailties have been a recurring concept throughout my artistic practice.
This champion was no different, and as amazing as he was, the first thing he said he was going to do when he got home was to go to McDonald's, and eat a lot of french fries. A picture circulated months later of the champion smoking a large marijuana water pipe and it became apparent through all of the 24 hour news coverage this picture received that he was quite a party animal as well as an athlete. Honestly this only made me more impressed with his athletic abilities, but the first thing I thought about when I saw the picture was of his moms face from the audience when he won all of those medals and broke all of those records, and how it was probably the same face she made when she saw the picture.

A careful assemblage of misc parts creating an arena where two arms are swimming in a not so olympic style pool made out of an old blue igloo cooler filled with bear, bong water and french fry grease. Complete with the media, the machine, the mother, the expectations, the hope and the reality