Joshua Parker

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Thomas Edison, kinetic sculpture, joshua parker, mary had a little lamb, gramophone

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EBFAM (Edisons Brother from Another Mother)

photo cell, light bulb,manipulated and fabricated electronics, foam, steel, copper wire, inkjet prints, wood,

hydrocal, string, paint, glue, VCR head, propeller, fabric, 1/10th Rpm motor, timer, tape, extention cords


9' tall

EBFAM (Edisons Brother from Another Mother) (2008-2009) is based mostly on factand the not so preposterous idea of Ebfam himself. Ebfam spent his entire life in private, satirically bitter about his older half brothers success.

This large gramophone is one of only a few surviving testimonies to Ebfam's actual existence. The turntable is activated when a slowly rotating lampshade allows a light bulb to shine through a slot in itself and onto a light sensor. (Ebfam's alleged half brother, Thomas Alva Edison did pioneer mass production and designed one of the first phonographs, but this example by Ebfam is far more sophisticated and easily embraces science that Edison was not even aware of.) As the light bulb shines on the sensor, two propellers are activated and air is forced against clear sails on the turntable causing it to spin. The needle individually plucks 26 electric circuits, each activating a specific frequency tone. In sequence, these circuits almost mockingly orchestrate Mary Had a Little Lamb, the same song Edisons first phonograph played. It is now known that Edisons notes from the creation of his phonograph mentioned how a devise could be fashioned in such a way to power a man cutting wood. However, Thomas never acted on this, but Ebfam did, as a self-portrait, sawing a buckeye log (the state tree of the birthplace of this whole story) in half.

The helix like horn of this gramophone is said to reference Thomas and Ebfams father, Samuel "The Iron Shovel" Edison's lifestyle. There Father hooked up with his 16-year-old housekeeper, three weeks after his wifes early death. He was a self-proclaimed master of smoking, drinking, and gambling, and its this lifestyle that supposedly spawned Ebfam himself.