Joshua Parker

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Michael Jackson, kinetic sculpture, joshua parker, Scream, Janet Jackson, animation

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Starting To Feel a Little Uneasy About The King of Pop
(study for a music video making machine)
*April 2009

Manipulated objects, ink jet print, light, motion, timing, electronics, amp, speaker, a half second sample from the most expensive music video ever made, and a blank DVD

I was starting to feel a little uneasy about the King of Pop; everything that I had heard over the years was finally building up to the point of uncertainty, to say the least.
He had recorded a song with his most famous sister called scream, which was another song about how he didn't know how long he could handle all of the pressure from the numerous accusations, in the scope of the 24-hour news cycle.
The music video for this collaboration, when finished stood atop as the most expensive music video ever made and still in 2009 remained the most expensive music video.
This sculpture was completed months before his accidental overdose in the summer of 2009, and my intent was to see how close I could come to his video without spending a penny.
After his death somehow, all of the uncertainties stop existing for me, and everything felt at ease somehow. The drawing and the sculpture have shifted meaning for me, and now I personally consider them a tribute.

This work is a re-interpretation of the most expensive music video ever made, "Scream" by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson without spending a single penny. When looking through the slot in the spinning disc, one can witness a live action and real time one second animation of a scream, accompanied by a half second sample of the original scream by Michael