Joshua Parker

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joshua parker, 2010, experiential art installation, spaces gallery, cleveland ohio

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Sometimes an Entrance is Actually an Exit

spaces gallery - cleveland, ohio

12'x 36'x 170' tunnel (from 10'x8' to 2'x2') + room (12' x 6' x4')
2010 at Spaces Gallery - Cleveland, Ohio
5 HD Movies that could be viewed by looking through peep holes in large boulders along the way throughout the tunnel and closed circuit camera and monitor with sound, lumber, cardboard, water, paint, hardware, cement mixture, steel, light, wiring, pump, manipulated objects, songbirdsbirds singing.

This work was to be an experience, an advancement in the tune of Allan Kaprow's Happenings. The experience begins with a large picture plane and can continue with a participant literally entering into this plane through a crevice. The crevice and the tunnel are transportive, and the destination which is actually the beginning, being a place for storage. I considered any instance of overlap between this work and life outside this work to be integral to the meaning of this work. And furthermore, any instance of overlap between this work and life outside of this work that was currently in existence, I appropriated as part of the experience as a whole for the duration of the exhibition. This included, but was not limited to, birth and death.

By entering the experience alone, the viewer was much more able to experience how time can become variable. When excited, experienced time becomes accelerated. When a viewer begins to experience feelings of uneasiness, time slows down and seconds feel like minutes. There was no set duration or rhythm to this work, and these things were as diverse as the participants that experienced them, and their accumulative experiences were the reason for the work.

A mass consideration.